Luxurious 3 Acre Villa




Tipo : Comprar
Fecha : 30 septiembre, 2021
Ubicación : 3 Kilpanie Crcle, Chigwell, TAS

With its spacious layout, it will work perfectly for a big family where they will be able to live luxuriously in a peaceful community. It features an open plan living/dining area with large windows that reach the ceiling to allow maximum sunlight, 7 large bedrooms with there own en-suite bathrooms as well as built-in wardrobes, and an ultra-modern closed kitchen with large islands where you will be able to prepare meals as much as you like. This villa includes a big garage and a maid’s room with its own bathroom making it convenient for its next owner.


  1. Underground Electricity
  2. 4 Bedroom With Attached Bathroom
  3. 2 TV Lounge
  4. Near beach
  5. Car parking
  6. Mini Lawn
  7. Sophisticated and durable exterior
  8. Wooden floors
  9. Well furnished

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3 Kilpanie Crcle, Chigwell, TAS
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